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Welcome to the home of Houston Ghost Hunters™. We are a Houston,Tx based group of Paranormal Investigators. Our team is comprised of experienced investigators, with spiritual,sensory and technical backgrounds.

Houston Ghost Hunters™  does not charge for its services, nor will accept any monetary donations from our clients. Our group funds itself through member contributions and fund raising events.

Our Mission
It is the mission of Houston Ghost Hunters
  to help Texas historical locations who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity, by either validating their claims with concrete proof or finding a logical explanation for the unexplained events. Look for explanation of our process on HGH members page. At this time, HGH are only investigating historical locations.


For Our Team:

To further our understanding of the paranormal

Ongoing study and research of possible paranormal activity

Combining scientific study with sensory perception

Work with others in the field of Paranormal Research

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